Bali Diary, Part 5: Celebrating Nyepi

A very nice culture description about Indonesia here.. Just can’t stop read this blog 🙂

Day In / Day Out

Nyepi celebration in Bali via
After four nights at RIMBA and Ayana, it was time to head north to Ubud for the last leg of my stay in Bali. I was giddy to get there not just because Ubud is the artistic and cultural center of the island, but because it’s where we’d be witnessing a cultural celebration unlike any I’d seen before: Nyepi.

In short, Nyepi is Bali’s Hindu new year celebration. It goes something like this: On Nyepi eve among massive crowds of revelers, locals—many of them kids—parade 20-foot-tall grotesque goblins, called “ogoh ogoh,” into their villages’ center (in Ubud it was a giant soccer field) to attract evil spirits. (Meanwhile, bands playing Indonesian gamelan music at top decibels lend a chaotic and sinister feel to the festivities.) The ogoh ogoh are then judged (the winners receive bragging rights only) and, ultimately, set on fire. The following day, Nyepi, marks the start of the new…

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